Socioeconomic Scrutiny

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What are the Conditions, Policies and Politics of Socioeconomic Growth Worldwide?

If I wish my country to cease on being a 'laggard' and join the European Union promoting 'better tomorrows', what is the pathway we would have to go through? What is the so-called 'Europeanization'?

So what is the welfare policy in Belgium, one of EU founders, like? Do the locals support the redistribution system or rather the tax evasion?! Do Belgians comply their welfare state regime?

Thinking of strong or developing economies, what might it be like to establish business or joint venture in Japan or India? What are the best business opportunities and legal conditions out there? Which goods or services, and under what conditions?

Dear feminists, is the women's situation across nations still so staggering, or has it become a case of reserved nations of strict religions, merely? How is it here and there with the share of household and child rearing, access to education, performance in the workplace, in the council or the parliament?

How are different regions in different parts of the world getting on? Which states provide their citizens with most favourable social security, and which were found worst-off?

Some suggestions on reduction or sustainability of unemployment of university graduates? (Abbau der Arbeitslosigkeit der Hochschulabsolventen)

What is the socioeconomic potential of isolated villages and how can sustainable tourism be contributional in this way? What are basic constraints for the locals, apart from the scarcity of transportation? Could political restrictions, such as communist centralisation, have left far-reaching imprints to contemporaries?

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